Weighing and Voting Issues

Speaker: Nikhil Nag

Main take-aways from this video:

  • In a round, prove your impacts are most important
  • Discuss your impacts in terms of magnitude
  • Discuss your impacts in terms of probability
  • Discuss your impacts in terms of timeframe
  • At the end of the debate (in the final focus), focus on the issues that you want to decide the round
  • Focus on why the issues you are winning are more important than the issues you are losing

Suggested Exercise:

  • Have yourself and a partner each pick an impact to defend, (some impacts may include alien invasion, asteroid hitting the Earth, global warming, nuclear war, or drought)
  • In 2 minutes, weigh your impact based on magnitude, probability, and timeframe, and debate why your impact is more important to focus on than your opponent’s