Speaker: Neville Dusaj

Main take-aways from this video:

  • There are three crossfires in a public forum debate; each is 3 minutes long
  • Use crossfire to find flaws in your opponents’ arguments
  • Do not make arguments during crossfire (do this during your speeches)
  • Never be rude during crossfire
  • Do not let the crossfire end early

Suggested Exercise:

  • Have a mock debate with a partner on a fun topic such as “Who’s the best superhero?”, “What’s the best movie ever made?”, or “What’s the best sport?”
  • Have each debater only make one opening speech
  • Instead of having rebuttals, after each debater makes one speech, have a 5-minute crossfire
  • Try to use up the entire crossfire time and ask lots of “how” and “why” questions to your opponent