Executive Board

Alice Yu
C’18 | Biology
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Edward Jing
College & Wharton ’18 | Biology, Finance
Hometown: Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania



Vice President
Andrew Wang
Engineering & Wharton ’18 | Comp Sci, Statistics
Hometown: Dublin, Ohio


Nathan Jiang
College ’20 | Economics and Mathematics
Hometown: Montreal, Canada


Hayley Boote
College ’20 | Political Science & Consumer Psychology
Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania


University of Pennsylvania Tournament Director
Pranav Reddy
College ’19 | Computer Science and Biochemistry
Hometown: Los Altos, California


Junior Liberty Bell Classic Directors
Arnav Jagasia
M&T ’20 | Computer Science and Finance
Hometown: Villanova, Pennsylvania



Saleel Huprikar
College ’20 | Economics
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois


Voices Director
Gabe Koo
Engineering ’19 | Bioengineering
Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland



Spring Tournament Director
Dakota Jones
College ’19 | PPE, History
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska


Round Robin Director
Leora Korn
Engineering ’20 | Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Bethesda, Maryland


Training Director
Rebecca Gelfer
C’19 | Biochemistry and Chemistry
Hometown: Houston, Texas


Curriculum Director
Emily Augustine
College ’20 | Biochemistry and Chemistry
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Public Relations Directors
Hope Merens
College ’18 | Biochemistry, Neurobiology, Chemistry
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Heba H. Arshad
College & Wharton ’18 | BBB and Finance
Hometown: Closter, New Jersey


Technology Director
Stephen Li
College ’20 | Economics and Computer Science
Hometown: San Jose, California